Increase eyesight with wide view

How to increase eyesight with eye exercises: Expand Your Visual Field of View

How to increase eyesight with eye exercises? Get rid of the narrow field of view. I want to share this with your technique to increase your eyesight with eye exercises to expand your field of view. A narrow field of view and looking with a narrow gaze strain your eyes much more than looking with a wide gaze. In this article, we will talk about the bad habit of poor vision and looking with a narrow gaze. About the benefits of looking with a wide visual field for improving vision.

see better with wide field of view

What is the visual field of view?

For example, let’s take a laptop screen of 15 inches or 17 inches, but the phone is very small, and our gaze moves within this field. You also need to know the TV has a narrow field of view. That is, the eyes move within very small frames.

Small rooms, office spaces, living spaces, buses, and cars with very narrow fields of view. Gradually, our visual field becomes small accordingly within the frames of our eye movements.

Expanding Horizons: The Critical Role of a Wide Field of View

The smaller your visual field, the less the mobility of the eye muscles, the less the mobility of the muscles, the correspondingly worse the blood supply in them, and the less rest.

When you have a wide look of your eyes along a wide visual field to the right, for example, at this moment, your left muscles are stretched, and the right ones, on the contrary, tensed, then when we look to the left, the tension would roll in the other direction; now, on the contrary, the right muscles stretched left strained, all this together affects the blood vessels through which blood passes.

Because it is the movement of eye muscles that pushes blood through our capillaries and blood vessels. If blood circulation is obstructed, various harmful substances accumulate, and there is some fat, too.

When we have a narrow field of view, our eye muscles practically do not push Blood, and we have sluggish blood flow and stagnations, vision deteriorates. You just need to expand your visual field, and your blood flow will improve, and you will start to recover automatically visual functions of the eyes.

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A Wider View: Eye Exercises for Expanding Your Visual Field and increasing your eyesight

If you have a wide visual field, then your eyes automatically move.

And the eyes are always automatically trained. When the eyes are automatically trained along such wide long lines, they are still getting rest because when one muscle is stretched, it gets to rest, and the other work, and at that moment also trained, looks in the other direction and now another work and the other rested.

 If we look at the top, the other muscle is working, which pulls the eye upward, and the one that stretches from below, on the contrary, has stretched out and relaxed, and thus, when you look a lot wider, your eyes do not get tired fatigue does not accumulate, and they train at the same time eyesight improves.

With a wide gaze, we expand our visual perception and find with peripheral vision, we can see more gradually. Each time our visual perception grows and expands the visual field, and then we see everything with a wide visual field. When we have a wide visual field, the brain begins to receive much more information.

 The visual field is not a muscle movement. It is the vibration of our lens. The more the muscle vibrates around the lens, it constantly pulls it, and the vibration of the lens occurs constantly. The higher the vibration amplitude, the more rays of light hit our retina more widely, the more it moves, and the optic nerve works better, the retina works better, and the brain forms a wider field of visual perception.

The brain starts to work two to three times better just because you have an expanded visual field.

A narrow visual field of view is bad for your eyes

Expand the field of view

A narrow field impairs the work of the muscle around the lens and the work of the retina the work of the brain, and the passage of visual information from the retina through the optic nerve to the brain. We must get rid of the bad habit of looking narrowly. Expanding the visual field is a good habit. You must definitely expand it.

Today I explained to you what a narrow visual field is, and what the danger of a narrow gaze is. And about the need to expand it and cover as many objects as possible with peripheral vision. Subscribe to the channel. Press the Like button so more people can see this video. If you have any questions, write them in the comments.

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