How I check if eyes got strained

How I check if eyes got strained 2 ways

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Eye strain is a common problem experienced by many people. Especially those who spend a lot of time in front of screens and suffer from eye fatigue. If you are experiencing eye strain, it is important to take steps to alleviate it to prevent further discomfort and potential damage to your eyesight. How do I check if my eyes got strained 2 ways? To determine whether you are experiencing eye strain perform an eye strain test at home.

How do I check if the eye muscles got strained?

1. After working at a computer, firstly, I try not to make my eyes tired and periodically shift my gaze to distant objects. The first way I close my eyes for 5-10 seconds every 20-30 minutes and feel if there is the slightest fatigue or discomfort. Plus by this, I give my eyes a rest.

Eye Exercises test for eye fatigue

2. Second way. Before that, I had myopia, which lasted for about 25 years. And finally, I managed to remove the spasm from the oblique muscles of the eyes. After that, the eyes began to move very easily, quickly, and without tension. The eyes seem like they are sliding on a water surface. And if the eye muscles get tensed from the computer, it becomes much more difficult to move eyes and shift gaze. It is like, for example, to pump the muscles in the arm, it will be much slower and more difficult to move.

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