How to remove spectacles permanently

How to remove spectacles permanently

How to remove spectacles permanently? The main problem with spectacles is that people wear them when they do not need them. In spectacles, the accommodation of the eyes is not working, which means the eyes cannot focus naturally at a far or at a close distance. Without spectacles, this function of the eyes starts to work. A little but it works.


Start today gradually removing spectacles

The first thing to do you need to develop a habit of removing spectacles as soon as you do not need them. For example, if you need spectacles at the workplace as soon as you go for a break just take them off. Or as soon as you finish work just remove them. As soon as you come out of the building office or from home just remove your spectacles and let your eyes train focusing function and let them rest.

The main harm of spectacles

Eyes get strained in spectacles because they are blocked with eyeglasses. Eyes are fixed with no movement and low blood flow. The eyes need some movement to pump blood flow and regenerate.

Limit time for spectacles

You can set some limits on when and at what time you really need to wear spectacles and put them on your schedule, otherwise, you will unconsciously forget.

Remove spectacles with Eyesight Improvement Course Eyesight Academy

If you want to eliminate spectacles permanently you can enroll in Eyesight Improvement Course Eyesight Academy. Learn the best eye exercise techniques to eliminate a spasm of accommodation and rebuild eye focus.

Bad vision habit to use specs

Wearing spectacles is just a bad habit of poor vision which causes vision deterioration and every year, people usually come and buy stronger diopters.

I have had myopia for about 20 years and I did not wear spectacles and vision was at the same level, and even was getting better when I was doing eye exercises.

How to remove spectacles in 3 steps

Last year I found a way to get rid of myopia naturally with relaxation and eye exercises. Here is how to remove spectacles permanently:

Learn to relax facial muscles

The first what I did I started to listen to meditation for facial muscle relaxation. The video is on my channel. Because if you have strained facial muscles you most probably will not be able to relax eye muscles. Everything in our body is interconnected. So just find the video Meditation for facial muscles relaxation lay down on a bed close your eyes and listen to this guided meditation to learn these amazing skills to relax your muscles the face.

Light Stretching Eye Exercises

You can find on my channel myopia treatment exercises for light stretching of eye muscles. To renew the ability of our eyes to focus you need light stretching to get rid of eye muscle spasms. As soon as you will come out from a spasm of accommodation, your vision will improve.

Various relaxation techniques are mandatory

It is a lot of types of relaxation techniques to calm down your mind and to get rid of eye strain just check out my channel. After a month of relaxation training, you can start doing Sviaton eye exercises. This is more powerful eye muscle stretching and it will speed up the myopia treatment process, but no more than 1 repetition per training. And without relaxation eye exercises do not help. Relaxation is 70% eye exercises are 30%.

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