Trying to see without eyeglasses

Trying to see without eyeglasses

Trying to see without eyeglasses? Hello everybody, my name is Sviatoslav, and I got rid of myopia naturally. I would like to share the top 3 tips on how to see clearly without glasses.

Top 3 tips if you trying to see without eyeglasses

trying to see without eyeglasses

No squinting if you trying to see without eyeglasses

1 most importantly, do not squint your eyes, and do not strain your eyelids or any facial muscles around your eyes. This is wrong visual behavior which needs to be changed with clear vision habits as soon as possible. Only relaxed eyes can see well because oculomotor muscles and other micro muscles of the eyes can work only in a relaxed state. If you put your eyes under pressure all the time, it is a bad habit of myopia.

Eye Relaxation to see better

2 If you want to see something and it’s blurry. Just try to close your eyes and relax them for 3 seconds relax all facial muscles to help your eyes to switch focus to help accommodation of your eyes to work. And when you open your eyelids just look at the object which you want to see. Relaxation helps to focus your eyes and to switch distances.

Get a habit of blinking to see better

3 Get a habit of blinking every second. And especially when you try to see something without glasses blink 3 – 5 times to help your eyes focus on the object you want to see clearly. Blinking helps to relax your eyes and relieve eye fatigue. Rested and relaxed eyes can see much better. It’s like for example in the morning your vision is better than in the evening because your eyes in the morning rested and recovered.

Eyesight improvement course Eyesight Academy to see without eyeglasses

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