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Creating a Vision-Improving Environment: 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

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How to create an improving motivational environment at home to improve vision naturally? 5 simple things to have at home for better vision.

1) Vision Improving Motivation – Draw a circle on the wall

vision improving motivation - Improve your vision at home naturally

You can draw a  circle on the wall in your home about 2 meters or 6 feet in diameter and practice exercise to look along the outline of the circle. It is the most necessary exercise which is necessary for myopia treatment, farsightedness treatment, and astigmatism treatment. Looking around the contour of a circle helps to stabilize and balance all eye muscles and to remove tension from the eyes. I have a full video about this, the most important exercise on my YouTube channel.

2) Vision Improving Motivation – Buy an eye patch for 1 eye (Pirate Band)

Buy a pirate band to train your lazy eye. Just wear it for 3 minutes a day on your stronger eye.

3) Vision Improving Motivation – Place a barrier preventing you from leaning close to the screen

Place some kind of obstruction on the table that would prevent you from leaning close to the computer monitor. In my case, I used a GoPro clip.

4) Listen to meditations to relax before sleep

Download various relaxation meditations to your phone, and listen to them, especially before bedtime, so resting and recovery at night will be much more effective.

5) Eyesight Academy Course: Your Guide to Digital Eye Wellness

In the digital age, our eyes are constantly engaged with screens, from smartphones to computers. The strain is real, but so are the solutions! Welcome to “Eyesight Academy: Your Guide to Digital Eye Wellness,” your essential companion for preserving and optimizing your vision in the digital era.

Don’t let digital eye strain hold you back from the joys of the online world. Invest in yourself today and embark on a journey to safeguard your vision! Enroll now in “Eyesight Academy: Your Guide to Digital Eye Wellness.

Full video on Sviaton YouTube channel below.

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