How to avoid eye surgery side effects

How to avoid eye surgery side effects with eye workouts

How to avoid eye surgery side effects. In this article, you will find answers to the Dangers of eye laser surgery. Better natural eyesight recovery. For those who have worn glasses all their lives. The idea itself overnight getting a clear vision can seem very tempting. But let me stop you right now until you have even the thought of laser surgery flashed through.

How to avoid eye surgery side effects with eye workouts

According to research, eye surgery does not provide 100% guaranteed safety and effectiveness. Often even after full recovery, patients do not receive the promised perfect vision. While patients whose vision reached 100% immediately after the procedure, note its gradual deterioration, and over time eyesight gets worse. The main cause of poor vision insufficient rest and no proper relaxation for the eyes is still there. In addition, an eye surgery procedure also carries a bunch of painful consequences.

Side effects and complications after eye surgery according to the FDA

Side effects and complications after eye surgery according to the FDA

– episodic attacks of astigmatism;

– ingrowth of the epithelium;

– diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK);

– keratoconus;

dry eyes;

– eye infections;

– dilated pupils;

– glare effect or double vision in the eyes, which affects visual acuity at night;

– problems with a flap placed in front of the cornea after procedures;

– vision problems resulting from treatment, which cannot be adjusted with glasses or contact lenses

Please note also that the eye surgery procedure is not cheap. So that you can imagine what amounts are going to spend. Depending on the type of procedure or laser technology to be used. Do you still want to be exposed to this costly procedure? Did you read about the undesirable consequences with which it threatens? Me not.

How to improve vision naturally without eye surgery

How to avoid eye surgery side effects. Eye training programs can restore vision with regular eye exercises. And although this approach is undoubtedly natural. I am afraid that strengthening, increasing tone, and training all six muscles of the eyes. Incorrect eye training simply not will solve the problem.

With Nearsightedness or myopia for example we need to relax muscle spasms of the Interior oblique and superior oblique. And to strengthen only straight muscle spasms Superior, Inferior, Lateral, and medial Rectus.

With Farsightedness or hyperopia opposite we need to relax the Superior, Inferior, Lateral, and medial rectus. And strengthen the Interior oblique and superior oblique for this, we have to do exercises in a completely different way.

Choose wisely an eyesight improvement program to get only eye exercises that have proven to work well.

Premium Eyesight Improvement Online Program - Best Choice for Sight Recovery

Premium Eyesight Improvement Online Program – Best Choice for Sight Recovery

You can try the Eyesight Academy online program with unique and proven-to-work eye exercises for functional training, rather than strengthening. We need to eliminate accommodative spasms and not increase them. How to avoid eye surgery side effects:

Enroll in Eyesight Academy Course Today to start improving your vision in a proven work way without eye Surgery!

Excessive eye muscle tension is bad for the eyes

It is important to understand that your vision is not perfect for a reason. Most probably you put your eye muscles to excessive tension and stress and decrease the eye muscle’s ability to contract. If to make Exercises for the eyes incorrectly it can give your muscles even more stress, bringing more harm than good.

So to avoid eye surgery and instead of getting hard eye training. To restore your eye health, I recommend doing straight the opposite. What do you really need to your eyes, it is to learn how to relax and rest.

Some people naturally restore perfect vision without the tension that they once enjoyed as a child. As a source of stress that is burdensome and detrimental affects the eyes. It is completely hidden in the mind, in the first place, it is imperative and immediately necessary to deal with your personal stressors. Relaxation is a good starting point. I usually use many of the Relaxation techniques from a variety of books, journals, and magazines. In my practice and I strongly recommend it to everyone to explore. Such as Meditation to relax facial muscles and dynamic relaxation.

Bates’s method has proven to work

The Bates Method 100 Years Old and its work. An approach that helps restore vision naturally together with that I strictly adhered to a healthy diet eating, exercising, and sunbathing regularly. I began to study Bates and the techniques that help restore vision in a natural way.

How to avoid eye surgery side effects with Dr.William Bates's method

How to avoid eye surgery side effects with Dr.William Bates’s method

Dr Bates received a traditional education in ophthalmology at Cornell University in the United States. Over 30 years of practice and experience of working with tens of thousands of patients revealed to his eyes the serious flaws in traditional views of science about vision, which took place at the turn of the 20th century. He was also a first-person who opened the natural way of vision recovery, much ahead of their time, even from the point of view of modern medicine. Among doctors, he was known as a great original, who devoted his life to studying the causes of the development of problems in people with poor vision, such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Dr Bates distrusted traditional, clumsy, and relatively inaccurate Snellen tables, which are still used by ophthalmologists. To check and evaluate the sharpness of his patients’` vision, he applied a much more accurate retinoscope. This instrument measured the refraction of the eye by guiding a ray of light onto the pupil using a specular reflection, while could be used as an external light source – it was located behind the subject, above him – and built into the instrument and powered by a rechargeable battery.

For 30 years, Dr Bates has used this tool in a wide variety of clinical conditions by examining the eyes of thousands of various patients: schoolchildren, babies, and even animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, cows, birds, turtles, reptiles, and fish. Hard work and perseverance allowed him to reveal some basic principles that helped people improve their vision without the use of glasses or surgical intervention. Ultimately, he presented his method – “The Bates Method” – an approach that is already 100 years old and which helped naturally restore normal vision to thousands of people … including me.

Natural eyesight improvement to avoid eye surgery side effects

Why You May Not Know About The Bates Method? In the early 1900s. Dr. Bates shared his 30s observations with the entire ophthalmic community. He told them that everything that they had taught throughout the last century, was wrong and caused patients more harm than good. Because his alternative approach turned out to be so effective, leading ophthalmologists felt danger for business.

They took the business into their own hands and in every way tried to keep down this approach. They simply could not come to terms with the competition that was in a new Bates approach. Many years after I discovered natural vision recovery techniques and relaxation of eyes methods my vision began to improve and get more clear. And I began to enjoy simply looking into the distance and at distant objects from the new skills to relax the eyes and facial muscles and from the easy exercises for stretching and restoring the tone and elasticity of the eye muscles.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned about the dangers of eye laser surgery, the effectiveness of eyes relaxation and natural restoration of vision, and about the founder of this method Dr. William Bates. I hope it will help you. Subscribe to my channel and will see you again.

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