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How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Eye Exercise Groups Holistically

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Groups of Eye Exercises. Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Vision Recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav and I would like to talk about eye exercises. And about 3 groups of exercises for oculomotor muscle

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Eye Exercise Groups Holistically

Eye exercises for oculomotor muscles to Enhance your Eyesight

Various eye exercises for the eyes form vision improvement. And almost every newspaper or magazine article is dedicated to improving vision. As a result, a stereotype has developed in the mass consciousness. According to this, any unconventional vision restoration system is based on banal gymnastics for the eyes. And the more time a person spends on such gymnastics, the better his eyes will function. This is one of the most dangerous false vision stereotypes.

Really mindless eye movements on different sides are of little help. Exercise for the eyes is only 10% of success in the natural vision recovery program. You can strengthen and develop the oculomotor muscles only if there is an understanding of how these or those affect the eye exercises. How and in what sequence to perform them.

Eye exercises are needed for gradual and consistent training of the oculomotor muscles but without overloading and stress. In addition, a person must clearly understand which exercises are more suitable for him and give the best effect. Of course, exercises can be selected based on the diagnosis. However, I advise you to focus primarily on individual reactions and listen to your body. Until you have the opportunity to choose, I advise you to strictly observe the principles set out further. At least at the first stage of independent classes while the eyes adapt to new programs.

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Groups of Eye Exercises

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Groups of Eye Exercises

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with 3 Groups of Eye Exercises? So, first, let’s figure out what kind of movements are capable of performing with our eyes.

1st First, we can look up and down, left and right, and along diagonals. For starters, it is better to start with 1 repetition for each set of exercises. All these movements are external to extra-ocular eye muscles.

2nd Second, our eyes can rotate and make circular movements on different sides and in different planes.

3rd Third, the gaze can move from a close to a distant object, almost at any distance. This is due to the ability of eyes to accommodate. Both the ciliary and external ocular muscles are responsible for this process, which was proved by Dr. Bates. If the ciliary muscle is located inside the eye. And is responsible for the curvature of the lens, practically not trainable. The external ocular (or extra-ocular) muscles it is quite possible to stretch and strengthen.

Eyesight Can recover to 20/20 Naturally 100%

Eyesight Can recover to 20/20 Naturally 100%

There is great hope and perspective for all visually impaired people. Who is told by doctors that with myopia and farsightedness, nothing can be done? They say It is impossible, nothing to make a farsighted person if his ciliary muscle has become flabby, and the lens is hard and inelastic. Dr. Bates himself at one time faced a similar verdict from his colleagues. And was able to prove them wrong by his example, getting rid of age-related farsightedness. It was proven already by the example of many people who did not want to put on glasses and took time to care of their eyes.

Based on the three main ways to move the muscles surrounding our eyeballs. All exercises to strengthen the oculomotor muscles can be divided into three groups. This division is, of course, very conditional, since most exercises may not involve one, but two or three groups of oculomotor muscles at once.

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with the 1st Linear Group of Eye Exercises

Moving the relaxed eyes to the right and blink – to the left and blink to the center and blink, up and blink to the center and blink and by diagonals and blink. When we blink we remove strain from our eyes. Try to look, without raising or lowering your head, at the floor and at the ceiling. Then, without turning your head, look at the right and left wall and blink as often as you can. After that, direct your gaze to the upper right corner and blink, and then to the lower left corner and blink, and to the center and blink. Make the same diagonal movements in the opposite directions: look in the upper left corner and blink, then in the right lower and blink, and then to the center and blink.

How to Improve Memory with Eye Exercises

Amazingly, seemingly simple exercises like this not only strengthen the eye muscles but also improve memory. British scientists not so long ago found out that elementary eye movements from left to right and right to left help with memorizing words, numbers, dates, and much more. According to the researchers, this is because horizontal eye movements make you more active in interacting with each other in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which increases the amount of short-term memory. Here is a medicine for memory that can be used instead of expensive pills and all kinds of sophisticated recommendations.

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How to Enhance Your Eyesight with the 2nd Circular Group of Eye Exercises

Clockwise and counterclockwise eye movements, rotation imaginary wheel back and forth. Turning the virtual globe to the right and left around your head. All circular movements are done smoothly with relaxed eyes and blink after each circle, without jerking, with a gradual increase in the number of repetitions. When a feeling of discomfort appears in the form of cramps, dizziness, or nausea, stop exercising immediately and rest.

I must say that exercises strengthen the second muscle group – the most varied in execution options and the most effective. They are the ones that enhance blood circulation better than other exercises. Our eyes and head, activate the right hemisphere and remove stagnation in the capillaries. As you know, it is the violation of cerebral circulation that is the cause of dementia and many other diseases. So for those who do exercises with their own eyes, sclerosis is not scary.

How to Enhance Your Eyesight with the 3rd Accommodative Group of Eye Exercises

The third muscle group works to stimulate accommodation processes, that is, the ability of the eyes to see objects at different distances. Exercises to strengthen the third group of the oculomotor muscles require some effort. Close your eyes tightly, as if pressing the eyeball with your eyelids and pushing it in with the muscles of the eye. Then open wide and bulge your eyes as if you want them to pop out. This exercise must be done at intervals: close your eyes, open them, then blink and rest for 30 seconds.

Very important here is the posture in which you do an exercise. When you close your eyes, tilt the body back when opening your eyes, move your body forward. Then go back to the starting position and rest. Sway, doing exercises for the first two muscle groups, is also possible, and it is necessary to help yourself with the body in exercises of the third group. Make sure that when you close and open your eyes, the whole body moves, not just the head and neck. All of these exercises are only a base, on which one should build a balanced complex of gymnastics for the eye. In this case, it is necessary to alternate the exercises of all three groups and be sure to restrain yourself in the number of repetitions: each exercise is performed 1 and a maximum of 3 times.

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