How to fix your eyesight 2 skills

How to fix eyesight with 2 skills in a natural way

2 skills for natural vision improvement. Hello everybody. My name is Sviatoslav and I would like to share with you How to fix eyesight with 2 most important skills for natural vision improvement. What are the main recommendations for vision improvement? Top 4 relaxation techniques including dynamic relaxation. Active look techniques and activation of the weaker brain hemisphere.

Fix eyesight with eye relaxation and active look

I have an answer to this question and now I would like to explain to you 2 the most important things for vision improvement: active watching and the ability to relax your eyes.

How to fix eyesight with the 1st Skill of Eye Relaxation

1 The first and most important is relaxation, I recommend starting with it. Because all eye problems are overexertion of certain eye muscles

Always when the overexertion and spasms go away, clear vision comes. Because our eyes, the brain, and the optic nerves work well just when they are not tense.

I’m not an exception. For about 25 years I had myopia and I managed to eliminate the spasm from the oblique muscles of the eyes, and my vision immediately recovered. Since the eye stopped being extended like a cucumber forward the rays of light began to focus on the retina.

Clear vision with relaxed eyes

How to fix eyesight with relaxation? In a relaxed state, any movements will be fast and smooth. For example, it is easier to move a relaxed hand than a strained one. In a tense state, you will not do anything well, it will be less efficient, the same with the eyes.

Relaxed eyes can move softly and smoothly, can refocus to long and short distances, and see well as nothing interferes with their work. Therefore, the first skill is the ability to relax, you definitely need to start relaxing your eyes.

To learn relaxation not only with the eyes but also with the whole body. Because if we have tension for example in the neck, in the eyes in some part of the visual system, or in the muscles of the face it will affect the whole body. You must first learn to relax the entire body.

How to relax to get better eyesight

1 You can download various meditations to relax the facial muscles.

Then you can lie down on the bed and step-by-step relax muscle by muscle. I downloaded meditations to relax the muscles of the face on my phone and listened to them for about 3 months during the day, when it was time to rest, and always before going to bed and falling asleep. In a relaxed state and this helps very well to remove spasms because the brain sends signals to relax the eye muscles. If the spasm is, of course, strong and long. As it was for me, the accommodative was about 25 years old, and in 3 months it was removed.

2 The second method is dynamic relaxation, light swinging from side to side. I’ve already talked about this many times in my previous videos. I definitely recommend everyone to learn

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How to fix eyesight Naturally

Dynamic relaxation: Start for any eye exercises

Dynamic means movement, because static relaxation is understandable and it seems to lie down and relax and it seems to be nothing difficult, lay down relaxed and everything is fine, but to do dynamic relaxation many people actually cannot.

In a static position, even lying down, sometimes it seems that a person has relaxed, but all the muscles are tensed and active, this also needs to be learned.

It`s very important to know how to completely relax and remove tension from the psyche and all muscles. With dynamic relaxation, you can feel more easily, moreover, in the future, when you do something, the tension appears, and you can quickly relieve it with dynamic relaxation.

Dynamic relaxation allows you to relax in any situation as quickly as possible. You need just to teach yourself to gently and smoothly wiggle from right to left in such a way that these sways turn into automatic and pleasant ones without using the strength of the muscles. Your body seems to swing by itself and projects these auto wiggles, this is the dynamic relaxation.

Relaxation is the basis of clear eyesight. If you can relax in any kind of situation it`s a necessary skill to improve your vision. Watch my videos and be sure to learn this.

Why Soft Blinking is Essential for Optimal Eye Health

Soft blinking for eye relaxation

Light frequent blinking helps to relieve tension in the eyes. Correct blinking is the most simple way to relax eyes and refocus to a different distance. Any person should normally blink 20-40 times a minute.

Palming is a great way to refresh tired eyes

4th method called palming

 When you close your eyes with your palms the eyes feel that they are safe and covered with warmth from the fingers, even if it is cold around them. In the dark, it is easy and simple to relax. Eyes feel safe and relax well. The reflex works also if you think about relaxation and if you think about bringing your palms to your eyes they relax better.

What happens is because the receptors of the palm are triggered, the sensory receptors around the eyes are triggered, all this goes to the brain, there is such a reflex and due to these thoughts, there is even greater relaxation. Essentially the first thing you need to learn is relaxation without it, improvement not going to happen.

How to fix your eyesight with 2nd Skill – Activation of vision

The second skill you need to learn to improve your vision is to teach your eyes to actively look.

Active look techniques

1 Actively look around while walking without straining your eyes or squinting, but try to relax your eyes as much as possible so that the body tries to refocus to a long distance. This is great for myopia. It is advisable to take off your glasses while doing this.

2 Observing different colors. For example, look around and find all the red objects in the room. Or when you walk down the street, try to see all the red cars or red buildings. You can choose any other color and focus on it.

3 observation of various objects such as a round shape. Just look around and try to find more round objects.

4 mobilizing the lazy hemisphere of the brain what does this mean?

Enhancing Brain Function through Hemispheric Synchronization Exercises: Train Weaker brain hemisphere

We have one eye lazier and almost all people have a little different vision, that is, one eye can see a little better than the other. For example, the right hand is stronger than the left one.

Even if good vision, one eye works more actively and the other less actively, this is because our brain hemispheres work unevenly because we have been taught to do everything with our right hand and it is more active, we cannot even write the same quality letters with our left hand because she does not know how to do this and no one has ever taught her of course.

Due to sympathetic neural connections and information from the right hand, she can write something, even if you have never taught her to write, but she will do it very clumsily.

Uneven right and left work

 If you want to do some kind of martial arts, for example, boxing, you will immediately feel that the left punch is weaker, less fast, less strong, and so on.

 If you are thinking of learning to eat with your left hand, you will feel that it is inconvenient to use a spoon, not to mention Chinese chopsticks.

In a right-handed person, the left hand and left eye are underdeveloped and connected with the right hemisphere of the brain. Cross-linked with our left hand. The left hemisphere is connected to the right hand and with the right eye.

As a result of the fact that no one has trained the right hemisphere, it is a little underdeveloped and as a result, one left eye is usually also underdeveloped, very often he is diagnosed with amblyopia.

When vision deteriorates, one eye always sees worse, the lazy eye is most often. Why it seems worse, is due to underdevelopment in our right hemisphere, therefore, it is necessary to train the hemispheres of the brain.

Maximizing Brain Function through Hemispheric Synchronization

There are a lot of exercises on YouTube. They are called exercises to balance brain hemispheres. When people start doing these exercises, they progress quickly with their eyes. You can complicate these exercises by learning to juggle with balls, for example. All this refers to the activation of the visual system and the whole organism and the balance of its work.

Natural Vision Restoration Summary

For our vision to recover, we need two important elements, the first is eye relaxation, to be able to relax our eyes so that the eye muscles can relax, and also active dynamic looking around and in movement, this helps a lot. The ability to mobilize our eyes so that they actively look after relaxation and eyes will always be active or relaxed and in this mode, they will not get tired.

 Eyes will see perfectly and they very quickly begin to recover in case of diseases,  myopia, amblyopia, hyperopia, cataract or optic nerve atrophy, and more complex diseases.

Fix your eyesight 2 Skills

Always these two main elements of vision improvement must be present, the ability to relax and relax both the body and the visual system and be able to activate the visual system.

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