Top 5 eye exercises to enhance your vision

Top 5 Eye Exercises to Boost your sight. Better Vision in 5 Minutes a Day

Hello everybody. My name is Sviatoslav, and I have improved my vision naturally without lenses, glasses, or surgeries. You can improve your eyesight naturally also.

I want to share with you the Top 5 great eye exercises to boost your sight.

Eye exercises to boost your sight
Eye Exercises to Boost Sight

1) Eye exercise to boost your sight is Relaxation

1 Eye Exercise to boost your sight naturally is relaxation. Any eye exercise for the eyes should begin with rest. For example, you were working on a laptop and decided to do eye exercises. First of all, you need to relax your eyes to the correct technique for performing the exercises. Simply close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine how your eyes are relaxing and relieving tension. An even more relaxing exercise is palming. You can find the Palming video on my channel.

2) Eye Exercise to boost your sight is the Dynamic Relaxation

2 Dynamic relaxation is the best preparation for any eye exercise.

Dynamic Relaxation Technique

We sit on a chair, close our eyes, and begin to sway from the right to the left. Soft and smooth. You need to feel the state in which your body swings automatically. You need to find a state in which you are especially feeling good and want to be in it. The state of dynamic relaxation sets the pace for performing oculomotor exercises. There is a relaxation of the psyche and eyes.

Boost your sight naturally

3) Eye exercise to Boost your Sight – Circle (Circular eye movement)

3 The most effective exercise that is suitable is looking at the contour of the circle clockwise and counterclockwise. To do this, draw a circle on the wall approximately 1.5 meters in diameter, or 6 feet. We relax our eyes and look along the contour in one direction and in the other.

4) Astigmatism treatment eye exercises

4 Exercise for the treatment of astigmatism. Suitable for people with both nearsightedness and farsightedness and helps to cure astigmatism.

We relax our eyes and look up, look for about 3 seconds, close, and wait for the eyes to return to the center. Relaxedly look to the left for about 3 seconds, close your eyes, and wait for your eyes to return to the center. We look to the right in a relaxed way, close our eyes, and wait for the eyes to return to the center.

We don’t look down because, in 99% of people, the lower rectus muscles are much more developed since we very often look down, under our feet, at the phone, or at the computer, and they are below eye level. You can experiment. Close your eyes and gently look up under your closed eyelids in a relaxed way. Then wait until your eyes return to the center, relax, and look down. Moving the eyes down is much easier because the lower rectus eye muscle is more trained. This is bad because when the eyes get tired, she begins to pull the eyeball towards herself, and refraction is disturbed. This doubles in the eyes and is called astigmatism.

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5) Soft Blinking to Boost Your Sight Naturally

5th Eye Exercise to Boost your sight is soft blinking. Blinking is the most necessary exercise to improve vision. Blinks help refocus at different distances. For example, you looked into the distance, blinked softly, and relaxed, and the oblique eye muscles relaxed, and the rectus muscles of the eyes tightened, and the eyes refocused into the distance. To blink correctly, place two fingers on the weight area and blink using only the eyelids, and if nothing moves under the fingers, this is the correct blinking. Without straining your eyebrows.

You have to blink every second. Then the eyes will not get tired and will be in a relaxed state.

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