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Reading More, Seeing Better: Techniques to Read Books and Improve Vision

I would like to share with you techniques on how to read books and improve vision without harming your eyes. I will tell you about how dangerous for your eyes to read books when lying or on your side. What kind of books is better? And let’s talk about the basic exercises for training eyes with the help of the book.

If you ask doctors or someone else, these people will say that, on the contrary, reading a book impairs vision.

eye training with a book to improve vision

But books can also improve your eyesight if you read them correctly and if you have not deteriorated vision, this is a very important point.

Strategies for Maintaining Clear Vision while Reading Books

How to read books correctly without harming your eyes?

First of all, the book must always be read exactly in front of the face, not lower and not above, and you must be in a straight position, that is, not lie on your side. It is perpendicular to the ground and at eye level.

Let’s say you put your foot under the seat and read like this on your side. What happens, then? The following happens when reading a book, your head is slightly tilted, and the muscles of your eyes are forced to raise and align the eyes slightly. It turns out that some of the oculomotor muscles will constantly be tense while others are stretched. This is the first step to double vision.

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Reading while lying can lead to Astigmatism

Lying the situation is even worse. Lying on its side, the situation is completely bad. Astigmatism may appear because some muscles will pull the eyes, and at the same time, other eye muscles will stretch, and then you look somewhere, and you may have double vision.

Simple Tips to Read Books and Improve Your Vision

Simple Tips to Read Books and Improve Your Vision

1) First recommendation when reading books and improving vision. No lying positions, half-sitting, semi-tilted.

2 Recommendation to use regular paper books or special electronic books like a Kindle, for example

Reading e-books from your phone will not work. There’s a light coming from the phone fundamentally different from sunlight, and it is direct light that constantly shines in our eyes, a wave of the red spectrum from a computer or tablet, or phone. It is longer than the wave from sunlight, which means that our eye perceives light unevenly.

When the light is refracted at the entrance to the eye, and our eye is protected by a cornea, it is semicircular, and the light beam refracts and enters, and then it diverges red in one direction, orange in the other, blue in the third, green in 4th along the spectrum.

For the sunlight, the eyes are ready. We have cells that catch red light. They are in the retina a little further than the cells that catch the blue color, and therefore, the color spectrum spreads evenly distributed, and we see clearly.

 When the light comes from the computer from the tablet, the red is not caught further, and the picture begins to become cloudy, which is why the eyes quickly get tired.

The brain tries to catch this red and tune in between the beams so that the picture is normal, and the brain gets used to perceiving exactly as under the influence of normal, natural light, and this is obtained with difficulty, and fatigue accumulates. Therefore, the book should be a paper or a special book such as a Kindle.

Preserve Your Vision: How to Read Books and Improve Vision Without Straining Your Eyes

The benefits of reading books correctly

If you read correctly with the correct posture without bending over, without letting your eyes get tired, the visual system will train.

Moreover, not only the visual system is trained, but other parts of the brain that are responsible for recognition are trained. That is when reading, our brain receives very powerful energy because it first translates letters, that is, abstract graphic symbols, into meaning, processes them into pictures, and then we already perceive these pictures with our consciousness. That is the most complicated process; therefore, it is a very powerful process if you are just reading. The more you read, the longer you live because your brain is constantly working and very efficiently; this is one of the best brain training that exists.

Training your eyes with a book. Top 3 eye exercises in reading books and improving vision

1) In the first exercise for training vision with a book

We outstretch our arms and push a book further away, blink, blink,  blink, and read at first, it will be difficult, but then you will learn how to do it easily. And then we bring it closer, and then again further.

As soon as there is fatigue, stop. Now you feel a bit hard, they stopped right away, and after a while, they tried it again.

You need to blink more often if your eyes get tired, read, and close your eyes to have a rest.

2) Eye exercises to read a book and improve vision

The second exercise is lifting the book up, and this is also an excellent workout for our eyes, especially good for training the upper rectus muscle of the eyes and is very suitable for people who have tilted their eyes a lot to the bottom and overtrained the lower rectus muscle.

 3) Way to train your eyes with a book

We take the smallest print and start to read it well. We simply take it as far as possible to it and begin to read with a relaxed gaze and without straining our eyes.

Reading the small print itself is the improvement of vision because a person can see a small print only when his eyes are relaxed and when his psyche is relaxed. If a person begins to strain, the muscles of the eyes get tensed and begin to squeeze the eyeball and deform its shape, disrupting refraction, and the small print becomes blurry. Read books and improve your vision relaxedly without squinting, only like this, you can get a good effect.

How to train your eyes with the book

The method is very simple, take a newspaper or a book and take the smallest print, it is desirable that there is good lighting from behind, and then after reading this text, you will learn to relax your eyes, and in this relaxed state, you can look at anything. We read the sentence, blinked, and looked into the distance, and so after each sentence.

We remembered this state of relaxed reading and did not squint at the same time. It turns out that you can see everything perfectly well, it may last for a long time, it may not also, it all depends on how much the habit of poor eyesight you have.

But it is a very simple and very effective way to learn to look relaxed and quickly improve your vision.


We discussed how to read correctly without harm to your eyesight. I told you that you could not read lying down, on your side, and at an angle. It is recommended to read paper books or special e-books like Kindle, for example. Reading books is great for stimulating the brain. And I explained today three main exercises for training eyes with the help of a book.

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