Vision problems vs sleep problems. Eye exercises to sleep better

Vision problems vs. sleep problems. Eye workout to sleep better

Vision problems vs. sleep problems. Eye exercises to sleep better If you do not sleep well, this may be a sign of vision problems

Our brain receives a lot of information during the day; it receives 95 percent of visual information. The brain receives it through the eyes and at night it processes this information.

Vision problems vs. sleep problems. Eye workout to sleep better

Vision is the basis of our thinking

We speak or read and transform information into visual images. If we remember a specific image, it will be a memory. For the brain to work normally during the day, you need to receive a sufficient number of visual images.

If the visual system does not work well during the day or poor quality work, then you have problems falling asleep.

How to sleep well apart from Eye Exercises?

 You can certainly tire your body during the day. You can go to the gym to get tired. And you will sleep well. It will be overworking but physical.

But no need to go to the gym before going to bed and overload the psyche or overwork the eyes when you are already in bed and about to sleep. This should be done during the day, not before bed.

The main sensory channel in a modern city person is the visual system

If you haven’t received enough visual info during the day, then There is not enough information in the brain. He can still work, he has a resource and he is not ready to turn off and sleep, so you are forced to think about something or to imagine something, and from this, we cannot fall asleep, we do something, we fill up a set of visual images, and then we fall asleep.

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What are poor vision characteristics?

This is a narrowed visual field of view in most cases. Our eyes collect visual information and the brain processes it so that we can perform better, faster, and more efficiently.

By wearing glasses, a person narrows the visual field even more.

The spasm of accommodation has not been removed in any way with spectacles, which means that it begins to increase even more vision deteriorates, and the situation can only worsen.

How to fall asleep better with eye exercises

1 It is imperative that if you start to fall asleep badly, even if it is temporary, sometimes this happens. You just need to activate your eyesight during the day you can do simple exercises for the eyes. Myopia treatment exercises or astigmatism treatment, there is a video on my channel.

2 Expand the visual field to look at the windows of houses and look at the trees to make the vision active.

 Just check it if you have a bad falling asleep. Take a walk and look around don’t think about your thoughts

Eye exercises to improve eye health

1 for example, you see two cars in your parking lot, find 5 differences among them, how they differ, look, and the eyes will start working

2 saw a tree and circle its outline, not just look at it, but you need to activate the visual fields and circle its contour and think about what the outline looks like. What kind of shape does it look like?

Such simple visual tricks can increase your visual activity and increase blood flow in your eyes.

Because a modern person does not look anywhere around; he is immersed in his thoughts, and the result of this is poor sleep.

What to do to fall asleep. Top 3 Tips to Sleep Better

1 Before going to bed, it is advisable to think about something pleasant to take a contrast shower so that the blood flow to the head goes normally

2 It is desirable to open a window of the room to increase oxygen. Because the brain and eyes are very sensitive to oxygen, there may be a lack of oxygen and because of this, it does not function normally

3 Turn on meditation to relax the muscles of the face so that you can sleep better and the recovery of tired eyes will be much better.

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