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How to improve eye health with cold water Naturally

How to improve your eye health with cold water? Welcome to the Natural Vision Recovery blog. Today we will talk about How to take care of blood vessels for eyes and health. Cold eye baths contrasting procedures and contrast lotions.

How to improve eye health with cold water Naturally

Blood vessels for eye health

I consider the cardiovascular system the most important in the body. And I am absolutely convinced that from the state of the blood vessels of the eyes and brain. Directly our vision and clarity of thinking depend. This is why, after a detailed conversation about maintaining a good state of the retina. I want to talk about ways to maintain elasticity and the mobility of our vascular system. First of all, let’s talk about the choroid of our eyes. That provides continuous inflow, outflow, and circulation of fluids in our eyes.

how to improve eye health with cold water

Eye baths with cold water

I consider the procedure for rinsing the eyes with clean cold water to be very important. At the same time, I always warn you that you need to do such a procedure, using clean water. Therefore, please make sure that you have always had a supply of water at home. In the quality of which you absolutely sure. Indeed, during this procedure, water will fall on the mucous membrane of the eye. And for some people, it is very sensitive. Special those who have worn lenses or have removed their glasses only at night for many years. Have few times visited the fresh air and the sun.

Contrast bath to improve eye health with cold water

Prepared water must be held at least overnight in the refrigerator in a normal cell, not in the freezer! And poured before the procedure, into a container large enough to dip your face. Take a long breath and for at least 5-10 seconds dip your face into the water. Open your eyes, and don’t close. Can blink several times in the water. Or at least try to open your eyes. Important to ensure contact with water with mucous membranes. Raise your head, catch your breath, and repeat the procedure.

Do not set records, and do not abuse contact with cold water. Even short-term eye contact with water will be a great benefit and great effect. Some people cannot dip their entire face in the water. Either they experience fear of her, or they cannot hold their breath even for a short term. In such cases, you can use special glasses, ordinary spoons, or just your palms. So that in the water had only eyes. It is important to remember the main rule: the water must be clean and cold. Contact with it should be short-term, and the method of the procedure is comfortable for you. General the duration of the procedure should not exceed 30 seconds! In addition to cleansing, an equally important effect is the stimulating and tonic effect of cold water.

Cold Water for Enhanced Eye Health

The more regulation mechanism that reacts to an arbitrary change in temperature in a certain area body is the same: a powerful stream rushes to the cooled area heat. This ensures the flow of nutrients, enhances blood circulation in the cooled area, and cleans and strengthens the walls vessels, enhancing microcirculation and metabolism in them. All this has a beneficial effect on the eyes themselves and on the blood vessels of the eyes, brain, and face as a whole in our body.

Benefits of cold water for overall health

Among other things, the baths tone and rejuvenate the skin, protecting it from a painful reaction to temperature changes, in the cold, heat, wind, and snow. Only the application of this one procedure sometimes led to the fact that people ceased to suffer from seasonal runny noses and colds, getting rid of photophobia and lacrimation.

Lowering our face into the water, we involuntarily hold our breath for these seconds, and lifting our head out of the water and taking an involuntary breath, we activate the oxygen supply to the head and eyes, which is also extremely important for our vision. Even one such procedure during the day will bring great benefit to people with a wide variety of refractive errors. Regularly making such baths, will protect your eyes from such formidable diagnoses as cataracts and glaucoma. And for those who suffer from inflammatory or infectious eye diseases, this procedure can be life-saving.

How to heal conjunctivitis with cold water

One lady from childhood suffered from conjunctivitis, and even doctors could not help her. Starting to do baths, she happily announced that at last, at the eighth decade, her eyes stopped festering. This simple but very important procedure. Over the years of practical work. Without exception, everyone noted lightness in the eyes after getting a contrast bath.

Most often, people note that in the morning some kind of clots, something sticky and round. This is a normal and common occurrence. While we rest at night, the body does cleansing work. And if the eyes are subjected to such stimulation, then begin to cleanse themselves more actively. Over time, I realized that the discharge comes not only from the eyes themselves but most often from the space that everyone has between the eye apples and the place of muscle attachment on the back wall of the orbit. Look at any eye diagram, and you will see a certain gap in this place. By activating blood circulation and metabolic processes in this zone, we stimulate the cleansing of the eyes from all unnecessary and foreign. You will help your vision even more if you carry out alternating eye stimulation with clean cold and hot water.

How to improve eye health with eye training course

How to improve eye health with eye training course

If you want to start training your eyes to get better vision. Enroll in an eyesight academy eye training course to boost your eye health and vision naturally. The best eye exercises to boost your vision naturally.

Contrast lotions to improve health

You need to prepare two small containers (for hot and cold water) and two terry cloth napkins the size should be about 30 by 30 centimeters. The water in the containers should be as contrasting in temperature as much as you can tolerate. Paul Bragg, for example, recommends that ice cubes float in cold water. No ice – no problem: keep the water in the fridge freezer before performing lotions.

Start by warming up and pressing on closed eyelids for 2 minutes with a cloth soaked in hot water and then quickly change it to a cloth soaked in cold water. Hold cold lotions on the eyes for about a minute. Then dry your eyes. I emphasize – one flap of fabric is pressed against two eyes. at the same time, this increases the effectiveness of the procedure, since both the nasal septum and the skin around the eyes are affected. In 3 minutes of this procedure, the vessels of the eyes receive multiple stimulations: from a normal state, they expand and warm up, then there is a sharp narrowing of blood vessels and stimulation of blood circulation.

The Cold Cure – Unveiling the Secrets of Cold Water for Eye Wellness

Further, the already familiar thermoregulation mechanism comes into force: in response to the cold, a powerful influx of heat goes to the eyes, and therefore, again there is an expansion of the vascular walls. Finally, the vessels return to their original state, while noticeably strengthening. Such lotions cannot replace cold eye baths. These procedures need to be done at different times. I recommend taking baths in the morning. It doesn’t take long (maximum 30 seconds), but at the same time invigorates and stimulates us and our vessels after awakening.

Contrasting lotions can be done during the day if you are not working, or upon returning home from city trips, or after a long stay in the office. Lotions will help relieve fatigue, so, it will be possible to perform household work related to stress on the eyes and visual system. To these two procedures, add simply contrasting baths, lowering the face alternately in hot, then in cold water, while the water in both containers will not equal in temperature.

Cold Water Strategies for Optimal Eye Health

Cold Water Strategies for Optimal Eye Health

Many are successfully used in lotions, and tea bags that are ideal for the size of the eye socket. I personally like to put just hot on my eyes and face terry wipes that perfectly stimulate the eyes and cleanse the skin.

But, of course, a much greater effect in improving vision, and in general recovery, you will achieve if you introduce a cold water shower into your life. It will strengthen the vascular system, immunity, and all weak links of the body, one of which is poor vision. It is difficult to heal one small part of a large body if you stimulate only the vessels in the area of the eyes and face.

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