Low vision tips to get better eyesight

Low Vision tips to get better eyesight Naturally

Low Vision tips to get better eyesight naturally. A study in which 20,000 schoolchildren participated, showed that more than half of the children with normal vision, and were ideal at certain times. However, the visual perception of each eye was not perfect all day long. Their eyesight could be good in the morning hours and imperfect afternoon, or vice versa. In addition, some children could read quite accurately on some tables, and others were unable. Many of them could read without mistakes the depicted letters of the alphabet. But other digits of the same size and under the same conditions did not.

Low Vision tips to get better eyesight Naturally

Visual perception changes

These findings also apply to adults. The degree and the duration of their visual imperfection varied depending on the specified limits. When certain conditions, visual acuity may decrease by only a few minutes or less. While under other conditions, temporary visual impairment can be observed for several days, weeks, or longer.

The essence of it: “Visual impairments are not necessarily the permanent character. Since the indicators of visual acuity during the day fluctuate in a wide range depending on the set conditions “.

How Eyeglasses affect visual acuity

Low Vision tips to get better eyesight naturally. Considering the fact that visual acuity changes all the time, glasses have one major flaw: they are designed for constant vision correction. Most of those who start wearing glasses have to constantly increase the degree of correction. In order to maintain visual acuity at the same level as provided by the first pair of lenses.

If someone wears glasses and vision deterioration over time is progressing. For example, a person is suffering from Nearsightedness (well-known to all as “myopia”). Which, with the indicators of visual acuity, For example, 0.7. Begins to wear glasses (while in glasses, the indicator of sharpness vision becomes 1). And after a week, he may find that without glasses, visual acuity decreased to 0.1. If people one or two weeks stop wearing their glasses, the overall effect is characterized by improved vision.

The whole truth is that giving up glasses can in one way or another improve vision. However, not many people pay attention to these vision changes.

8 Tips to Avoid Corrective Eyeglasses

8 Tips to get rid of Corrective Eyeglasses

– glasses break easily and always disappear somewhere;

– it can be difficult to maintain the transparency of the lenses when certain weather conditions. On rainy and foggy days, they may become cloudy; when it’s hot or cold – fog up from perspiration on the skin or from the steam coming from the mouth (especially when we are wearing face masks;

– glasses become dirty due to dust and moisture.

– The inevitable fingerprints on the lenses make it difficult to overview;

– consultations with an ophthalmologist and purchase of glasses (as well as caring for them) are almost always associated with financial costs;

– wearing glasses is unnatural and does not have a complex effect as a treatment for visual impairment. Also, glasses can give false signals to the human mind and body;

– glasses can be embarrassing to their owner socially; wearing glasses is often associated with the aging process;

– glasses can cause eye injuries. According to the results of research conducted by one of the universities in the department ambulance due to injuries sustained by wearing glasses for vision correction, there were about 27,000 people.

Low Vision Tips: Harm of Sunglasses Revealing the Truth

Low Vision tips to get better eyesight naturally. Most people assume that wearing sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that there are more than 1,500 light waves that affect the eyes and have a beneficial effect, the deprivation of which gradually leads to eye exhaustion and can even lead to deterioration of vision.

In other words, getting rid of sunglasses is a really powerful and cost-effective method, contributing to the maintenance of eye health.

Using sunglasses should be limited in time by wearing them only in extreme conditions, for example, on ski descents or boat trips (and in other cases, when snow or water significantly increases the power of the sun’s rays, which can harm the eyes).

On the other hand, a simple cap will provide the eyes with a sufficient level of protection and at the same time will not create barriers to nutritional sun rays.

Vision training program Eyesight Academy to improve visual Acuity

Vision training program Eyesight Academy to improve visual Acuity

If you are serious about improving your eye health and vision naturally. The best eye exercises to eliminate accommodative spasms and renew the ability of your eyes to focus in the Eyesight Academy Course.

Enroll in the eye training program Eyesight Academy to start your vision improvement journey in the most efficient way.

Low Vision Tips to Avoid Contact Lenses

Contact lenses may seem like they are a comfortable, harmless, and pleasant way from the point of view of appearance to improve vision, but it is definitely not the best way. First of all, just because wearing contact lenses is not provided by nature

Contact lenses are undoubtedly much worse than glasses:

Main problems of contact lenses. This is why I do not recommend them.

– contact lenses can cause discomfort, especially if they are poorly matched;

– without passing oxygen to the cornea, contact lenses cause dry eyes and blurred vision;

– wearing contact lenses can cause irritation of the cornea;

– contact lenses cause eyelid infections;

– the lenses make you more sensitive to dust, environment, and allergens;

– they disrupt normal blinking functions and lacrimation;

– contact lenses deform the cornea, and wearing them negatively affects vision.

But an even more serious problem, which is a worry, is solutions and cleaning products for lenses necessary for their care. These liquid solutions act as causative agents of fungal eye infections that early or later can lead to irreversible visual impairment function.

By the way, even some famous and advanced medical centers in the field of optics were heavily criticized and forced to withdraw contact lens solutions from sales after receiving numerous complaints from consumers.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned that our eyesight can change during the day, and about the harm and inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses. And about preventing beneficial solarization for our eyes and how sunglasses can limit it. Subscribe to my channel for more beneficial information, and will see you again.

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