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How to improve eye focus with eye exercises

How to improve eye focus with eye exercises? Central fixation eye exercises for better Visual acuity. Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Vision Recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav. Today we will talk about visual acuity with eye central fixation for eyesight recovery and focusing exercises. Such as Working with tables and labyrinths, Reading small fonts, and focusing on the point.

Central fixation eye exercises for better Visual acuity

Visual acuity Labyrinth eye exercise for better visual acuity

To work with the “Labyrinth” table, you need to look at a large labyrinth from point A to point B. But not just like that, but stopping at each point for two seconds and quickly blinking. In this exercise, it is not speed that is important. The correctness of the execution. So do not be discouraged if you periodically get lost in the route and are at the same starting point.

You can help yourself by using your finger or pencil. The main thing is to stop your gaze at every point and blink. To get the desired effect, the table is initially better positioned in the area of blurry vision. So that the lines of the labyrinth are slightly vague. After completing the route, take a general look at the labyrinth, you will surely see it more clearly. The secret of this exercise is simple. For a long time fixing lines and points, we always see better the larger pattern they form. In addition, repeated fixation on points will activate our macula, and blinking helps relieve tension from visual work. Next time you can go the opposite way. Follow route – from point B to point A.

how to improve eye focus

Sideway labyrinth eye exercise

Then you can turn a labyrinth table sideways or upside down to diversify the exercise. Move the maze as far away from your eyes as possible, or bring it closer to the minimum. And always compare the original and the final perception of the table. When you can clearly see the big labyrinth, go to similar work with its reduced copy.

To walk through the little labyrinth. From you and your eyes will take much more effort, so do not rush to start work with him. But if you start to easily “walk” through the small labyrinth. Congratulate yourself that you are no longer in danger of hyperopia.

After all, if you can see the dots and stripes of this drawing, then you can read the text the same size, which consists, in fact, of the same dots and stripes. If you can read the text without glasses and after a small labyrinth – it means that you are not mentally relaxed enough, have not learned yet without stress look at the text like a picture. Then you just need to believe your eyes and convince yourself that they can read the text as easily as seeing a small maze on the table. This exercise can be done while wearing a pirate band.

Visual acuity text exercise

All letter bases are made up of points, strokes, and arcs. To be sure of this, select any line in any text, and then with a pencil draw a dot, stroke, or arc under each letter, whichever is what the base consists of. Then read the line again – for sure you will see it more clearly. Close your eyes, and make smooth turns with your head, while making even breaths in and out. Do the same with the next line, then read it quickly. If you failed to read the text, do not despair. Look at him again as in the picture and concentrate only on points, strokes, and arcs.

Visual acuity with reading small fonts eye exercise

I always experiment with the text typed small typographic type “diamond” it is around 4, which is presented in the book of Dr Bates. When I first saw this font, it was so difficult to read it, considering it impossible. Then I read the exact same text first, typed in a larger type, and located it above the passage with small print. All are nearsighted and people with normal vision easily can read it. Then I typed the same text at the bottom, just in a smaller font. I can read it at any distance and in any light, just if needed watching for the upper sample.

Eye Training with Text for Better Focus: Exercises that Work

Eye Training with Text for Better Focus Exercises that Work

The incredible happens: almost everything, with rare exceptions, easily reads this font without looking at the text typed in large font. This experiment is the clearest evidence that even the slightest mental stress like a fear imposed on us of a petty font really affects vision, because of which people cannot read text. It is worth convincing people that the font is readable and allowing them to peep, if difficulties arise, how the tension goes away, and the person begins to see the text normally. Just type the same text with different font sizes on one page.

Practice reading the largest print first, and then look at the sample with smaller text. Read it, allowing yourself to pry into text printed with a larger font. You may be able to read a familiar text without peeping. Just allow yourself to be more relaxed. In the same way, you can use magazines and newspapers in which individual fragments of the article are duplicated in a larger font.

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Eye central fixation exercises for visual acuity

Eyesight recovery exercise “focusing the look at the point ” To do this, you need to put any text in front of your eyes and find the smallest point in the center that you can see. To eliminate hyperopia, the authors advise putting the text about 25 centimeters from the eyes which is around 10 inches. Nearsighted people to improve visual acuity, recommend pushing back well-illuminated pages with text from the eyes 60 centimeters or more.

Further, American followers of Bates propose a focus on a point and circle it for fifteen seconds contours, as if you want to view through it. Then you need to relax your eyes and look at the point without straining. According to the authors, the technique of looking at a point is excellent. helps to maintain visual acuity, because when focusing looking at a point, a yellow spot on the retina is involved, responsible for sharp vision.  However, the very concentration on a point in the text or some shallow details in the center of the picture really stimulates the macula and develops the ability to focus attention on the center.

Special if we do similar visual work with one eye closed bandage or “pirate glasses”, which were mentioned above. In conclusion of this chapter, I will say that palming, solarization, repetitions and displacement, and restoration of central fixation are four of the most important receptions of the Bates vision restoration program. It’s the red thread that should run through all your eye exercises!

Eye relaxation to fix the central fixation of your eyes

Everything that will be described later is important and necessary, but without mastering four relaxation techniques is unlikely to have a lasting effect. Therefore take the time to do palming, solarization, and all kinds of pendular turns and movements, as well as to work on the restoration of central fixation. Remember the importance of these techniques and find time in your schedule for each of them, do them when you feel tension or eye strain. In the morning and before bed, swing, do finger twists, and palms. Be sure to close your eyes for 10 seconds at the first sign of eye fatigue during visual work. At every opportunity – on the street, at a bus stop, in the park – do solarization.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned the Labyrinth exercise, How to work with texts, and focusing on the point exercises. What is left, is just to practice them and to relax your eyes as much as possible. Subscribe to my channel and will see you again.

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